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Who Wants to Be a Yachtie Excerpt from The Yachtie Bible

International travel is easier today than it has ever been, given enough money and time. Trouble is, most of us have a hard time saving the money, and once we have that together we struggle to find the time. It seems that only wealthy retired people have enough of both to travel extensively. Wouldn't it be great if we could afford to travel while we are young and unfettered? Sure, some people in their 20's take backpacking trips, but that type of travel isn't for everyone. What happens if you get sick in the Middle East, or run out of money in Timbuktu? Being sick or broke in a foreign country can be a scary and dangerous experience.

Guess what? There is a better way to see the world for extended periods of time without spending any money. You have to work, but you'll be working in the playgrounds of the gods, and you get paid very handsomely for being there. There are a variety of paid travelers out there and others who travel free.

In addition, Since September 11, 2001 there has been an increase in the number of people wanting to volunteer their time. If you prefer to "give something back" while you travel, here are some websites with information: · AmeriCorps - www.americorps.

org · Catholic Network of Volunteer Service - www.cnvs.org · Habitat for Humanity - www.habitat.

org · Sierra Club - www.sierraclub.org · St. Vincent Pallotti Center - www.pallotticenter.

org You may also wish to contact the International Association for Air Travel Couriers at: Tel: (352) 475-1584, www.courier.org. Truly enterprising folks might be able to get some "free" air travel in on the way to finding a paid travel related job. This article is directed at a much more specific target. It is intended to introduce you to the idea of working aboard private yachts.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind: · You don't need a college degree to get started. · You don't have to join any clubs. · You have the chance to see the world. · You will meet some of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world.

· You will learn invaluable people skills. · You will learn numerous practical maintenance skills. · Entry-level positions often earn enough money to save $20,000 per year! · Charter yacht crews earn fantastic tips in addition to salary. · There is no overhead; no rent, no bills, uniforms and meals are provided. · Your earnings are largely tax-free.

· Most yachts give four weeks paid vacation. · Not a lot of people know about this industry, therefore there are never enough good people to fill the available positions. · The trend among cruising yachts today is toward larger and more luxurious boats, therefore more crew positions are opening up all the time as brand new mega-yachts leave the yards where they were built. Don't worry about whether or not you have enough boating experience to do the job.

You will learn most of the skills you need on the job, and "The Yachtie Bible: How to Get Paid While Traveling in Style", (available at http://www.booklocker.com/books/842.html), will show you how to get the training and experience you need to secure your first job. After that, if you enjoy the work, and you get along well with your employers and crewmates, you can work your way up the pay scale rapidly. Before you say, "I couldn't do that, I get seasick," you need to know that everybody gets seasick.

"The Yachtie Bible" looks at various remedies you can use until you get your "sea legs." The important thing is to start working, which means: · Getting to a place where there are yachts, · Getting to know other people working on yachts, · Convincing those other people that you are willing to work, and to learn, · Satisfying minimum sea safety requirements by taking an STCW- 95 Basic Safety course. (We'll cover the what, where and how of this shortly.) The yachting community is very friendly and you will be amazed to discover how small the world really is once you begin to travel. Yachting is a brilliant way to jump-start your life. Give it a try! .

By: Kim Davis

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