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13. Tver
14. Sochi
15. Krasnodar
16. Nizhniy Novgorod

About Russia

Background of Russia 

Russia is the largest country in the world in area, and it can trace its history back to the 9th century. For hundreds of years, Russia was ruled by czars who exercised almost absolute control over many aspects of Russian life. As Western nations began to industrialize during the 17th century, Russia's development lagged behind. At the turn of the 20th century, most of the russian population was still made up of poor, uneducated peasants.

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Impressions of Russia 

Whenever you travel to a country, it is important to avoid the tourist traps and get to know the locals. Here are my impressions of Russia.

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Russian Cuisine 

Let them eat cake.

So said Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, upon being told that the peasants were rioting in the streets because they had no bread. It has been cited for over two centuries as an indictment of the arrogance of the aristocracy - but in reality, the young queen may simply not have understood why, lacking bread, a person would not turn to cake. Such was the separation between the tables of the privileged and those of the poor.

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Russia Travel Visa - Vodka and Old Friends 

If you think getting a visa to travel to Russia is difficult, you should try getting one to travel around the country. Living in Russia, I needed just such a Russia travel visa.

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