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Uncle Bills Pancake House in Manhattan Beach

Uncle Bill's Pancake House is practically an institution. It should be joined with the Manhattan Beach City Hall across the street to make this official. People in this part of Los Angeles swear by it. Crowds on weekends are the norm. I have been to this establishment many times and here is what I have noticed .

Uncle Bill's opens at six in the morning and closes at three. Throughout the day it is busy. I have even visited it at 6am sharp. This was probably my favorite time since I got to chat with everyone working there and it was quiet and a bit surreal. There are three main sections in the restaurant: eat at the counter section, seating inside and seating outside with ocean view. Have your pick.

I choose the breakfast special most often. It is the omelette combo, consisting of any of a variety of omelettes (practically pick your own ingredients, california with avocado, Uncle Bill's, Greek and bunch of others), potatoes (very tast) and biscuits or pancakes. It will fill you up definitely and cost for the combo is from seven to ten dollars. Waffles are thin but delicious. Coffee is average diner coffee.

Eggs and meats are really good and fresh. Pancakes are solid. Onions are included liberally in many omelettes.I will keep coming back here as will anyone else that lives in this part of town. For a hearty breakfast or pleasant lunch you can't go wrong.

Makes you feel kind of homey and small townish. This is good when you are surrounded by mega-chain breakfast fluorescent lamp lighted restaurants . I'd much rather go to Bill's . Recommended !!!.

.Uncle Bill's Pancake House 1305 Highland Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Phone: 310-545-5177.Michael Philip is one of the editors and contributors for the SeeTheGlobe.com web site. SeeTheGlobe.com is a travel information web site and community. Reviews of restaurants, hotels, airlines and other travel resources are provided from first hand accounts.

By: Michael Philip

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