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Stag Weekends or a Lifetime Experience

The water hits you full-on as you paddle down the river. One bad paddle, and you and your fellow rafters could end up in the drink. The only thought on your mind is avoiding the cold water, and you're doing everything in your power to not let that happen.You prepare your aim. When you think that every nerve is ready for action, you cry, "Pull!" As the clay pigeon blurs to oblivion, you complete your aim and blast it from the sky, fragments flying everywhere.

The newest trend in vacation planners is to specialize as much as possible. By specializing, they can concentrate on one product, and make that product as cheap and as fun as possible. Eclipse Leisure has created a number of packages around one theme: Fun weekend adventurers.The best adventures are those in which some sort of fantasy is fulfilled. With that in mind, packages have been created that are fun, thrilling, and take those on it out of their usually comfort zone.

By creating an adventure, Eclipse Leisure has re-defined the basic, boring corporate retreat.Stag weekends do best when those on them feel better about their manhood. Rafting down a river where the challenge has been simplified to wet or dry, and the challenge is one of physical strength and endurance, shooting ranges that show whether or not the person can shoot, and even lap dances that make the blood race, all help a man get in touch with something feral within himself.

By getting in touch with that feral self, a man can heal his spirit and become once again whole, and inspired to solve problems, tearing into them like a shark worries meat.The corporate world has a preference for those without a spine, yet needs those fully intact in order to advance. This paradox is usually resolved in favor of the spineless, causing a continual need for fresh blood.

As long as this blood is supplied, the company does well, but once a shipment is no longer supplied, the company falters, and can be taken down by bigger predators, and there are always bigger predators.However, a stag weekend gets a man back in touch with that part of him that welcomes challenge, and will do what it can to take it down. As a stag weekend also unites a team in a baptism of adrenalin, they attack as a pack animal, each man attacking the problem with his skills, covering those in the pack and taking it down, and fuelled for the next situation to cross its path.

Spineless ones run from such a pack, as it not only feeds on whatever crosses its path, but tracks down prey based on the slightest smell of fear. Just imagine if that force was working for you?and they can be, if you reward excellence with an appropriate reward, and a heart-pumping stag weekend is just the right reward. Just decide what you want to decide, and make that trip today!.

.Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and corporate Christmas parties for the UK and Europe.

By: Martin Lucchi

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