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Round the World Travel Doing it Alone or with Someone Else

So, you're thinking about taking a round-the-world trip and wondering whether to go it alone or not. Perhaps you've just come up with the idea and you're not sure whether anyone can join you? Perhaps your list of places is quite off-the-wall and you're wondering who'd want to join you anyway?.Whatever the case, most of us have a different ways of travelling. So, what are the pros and cons of taking off on your own? Here are a few thoughts.

TRAVELLING SOLO.Pro: There are absolutely no compromises. You can go where you want and when you want. And with who you want, for that matter.

Pro: You often interact more with others when you travel alone. Well, you have to if you don't want to be chatting to yourself 24/7.Pro: You build your own independence, because you've got no one else to rely on.Con: There are some safety aspects to travelling alone ? although these aren't completely eliminated when travelling with others, of course.Con: It can be intimidating to travel alone and meet new people.

Con: Making ALL the decisions can be tiring. Sometimes it's nice to hand over to someone else ? at least for a while.TRAVELLING WITH SOMEONE ELSE.Pro: Some people like the idea of sharing experiences with other people. At the very least, it'll mean one or more others are interested in your holiday snaps when you get home.

Pro: It's good for at least one person to know where you are at any time.Pro: You might not have to buy one of everything. Perhaps you can share things like travel guides, sun tan lotion or refreshments.Con: Travelling with others can be stressful.

Sometimes you'll see the worst of your friends ? not to mention yourself.Con: You may form a clique, meaning you don't speak to many others.Con: Sometimes you might need to compromise ? a budget hostel when you feel like something more comfortable, or even when seeing the sights.Remember though, if you want to travel with others but no one you know is up for it, you might be able to join a tour. Tours aren't all about package holidays.

You might just be able to find yourself on an adventure with an experienced guide and 10 to 20 other like-minded people.Happy travelling.


Haydn Wrath is the owner at Travel nation specialising in round the world flight tickets and adventure travel. Travel Nation have a wealth of experience in putting together round the world itineries.For more information visit Travel Nation.

By: Haydn Wrath

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