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Nuevo Progreso Good Place One Bad Dentist

Nuevo Progreso is a nice mexican border town. Medicine and dential work are the main attractions. There are more then 50 dential clincs / offices. One I would not recommend to go to is the Rio Dental Clinic.

I went in the office, and they had decent equiptment. I had a crown placed on one of my teeth.First, the "putty" that they used to make the modling for the crown was not even dental putty, but some regular putty you will find at some hardware store. I hope it does not cause cancer. :(.

The crown did not cover all the way to the gum line. Second, the dentist adjusted the crown by grinding down on one of the upper teeth.The dentist:.She was not caring but grumpy on the second part of the crown process. First part when she grind the tooth so the cap can be placed, she was decent, maybe a little rough with the injection of the novocaine. the needle hit my jaw bone and caused pain for a couple of days.

Second part she was all upset that I was 5 minutes late to the appointment. She jerked out my temporary crown by using my other teeth as a lever for the metal probe. And she became really upset when the crown did not fit right, like it was my fault!.I will say this. There are better dentist with the same prices else where in Nuevo Progreso.


By: Tom Anarld

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