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Great Adventure Travel Ideas Deals and Tips on the Web

I keep running across great adventure travel ideas on the web, so I thought I'd pass them along to you as sort of a roundup of the best of the web:.

  • Top Ten Travel Myths. Mark Kahler over at www.about.com exposes some really common myths a lot of travelers have.

    In this great article he gives you the real scoop about things like: when you should or should not use frequent flyer miles for vacation travel, whether being the low price bidder on an online reservation site will result in being treated like a second-class guest at a hotel and whether "duty free" merchandise are really bargains.

  • Summer Camp For Kids and Adults. While I was at about.com, I also found this article by Carla Land about some great summer camps for kids AND adults in North America. These camps offer everything from wilderness survival schools to mountaineering, kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, marine science and conservation.
  • Do you have a taste for a "spooky" adventure vacation? Then check out another post by Carla Land about several tours of some very haunted houses and other haunted tours.

    After all, what could add more "adventure" to your adventure travel than a few ghosts? Check out Haunted Historical Spots.

  • Safety is always an issue when you travel, especially if you are traveling solo. Be sure to check out this really important article by Cassandra Ingraham on Articlecity.com on How To Be Safe While Traveling Single.

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Think budget travel equals boring travel? Think again! The Guerrilla Traveler will keep you up on all the latest, most exciting travel deals so you can experience adventure travel on a budget and see the world's most thrilling destinations. Check out his blog at http://www.guerrillatraveler.blogspot.com.

By: Charles Brown

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