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France A Hikers Paradise

Long National Paths.Often called sentiers de grande randonnee (or GRs for short), long national paths are mapped clearly and connect points together so you'll be able to get from one GR trail to the next easily. GR trails cover around 38,000 miles of France and are typically blazed (or marked) with red over white (sometimes include yellow). GR trails are also numbered as GR2, GR5, etc.Regional Paths.

Regional paths (also called GRPs) cover and circle a particular region, and are only mapped when the trail is very long. GRP trails cover about 25,000 miles of France and are typically blazed with yellow over red.Local Paths.

Local paths (also called PRs) will direct you outward from towns and villages. You might try one of these trails if you want to tour a particular spot or attraction. PR trails cover more than 47,000 miles of France and are typically blazed with yellow only or other single colors if there are multiple paths.GR and GRP trails cross paths in every region, which makes it easy to walk long distances from one village to the next while visiting France. You can view vineyards, orchards and forests along the way, and even stop for a stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast in one of the villages as you travel.Popular Hiking Adventures in France.

Here are some great places to hike in France. Choose one to fit your tastes and hiking experience level.Alsace Hiking to Explore Medieval Times.Learn about Medieval history and see interesting sights during your hike in Alsace.

You'll also see the most famous Alsatian vineyards on your journey, visit lovely Medieval villages and taste the delicious foods and wines.Dordogne and Perigord.Hikers can hardly resist the charming villages, markets and Medieval fortresses of the Dordogne and Perigord region. There are beautiful chateaux and prehistoric sites that will make your hike far from boring!.

Brittany Hiking.As a place of dolmens, legends and menhirs, Brittany offers fabulous hiking routes along with great food. It's a peaceful hike, and you'll meet some very friendly local residents along the way.Hiking in Burgundy (near Dijon).Combine hiking with heritage, cuisine and fine wine in Burgundy.

You'll tour vineyards as well as visit small villages, manor farms and exquisite churches along the way.Touring Loire Valley.Want to visit a place where King Francois Ier built his castles? His lifestyle was inspired by the humanist values of the Renaissance period, and he exhibited luxury and beauty in his constructions. On your hike in Loire Valley you'll be able to witness these elegant chateaux and their accompanying gardens first hand.Hiking in Champagne.Champagne is a unique place in France, often known as the home of the "bubbly stuff" called champagne! It's a region where wine producing methods were invented, and some of the world's most popular wine is still produced there today.

You'll not only discover the dazzling wine country, but also a famous cathedral located in the city of Reims where kings received their coronation in the past.A Royal Hike - Ile de France (Chantilly).The Ile de France is located north of Paris and is part of the former Kingdom of France in the Senlis-Chantilly area. During your royal hike you'll discover many treasures such as cathedrals, abbeys, castles, ponds, manors and forests.

This hike combines nature and fresh open air with enchanting sights you'll never forget!.Hiking Along the Coasts of Normandy.If you love the beach, you'll be amazed at the beautiful scenes along the beaches of Normandy, France. Well known for the WWII landing, Normandy beaches were used by Allied armies.

Take a walk along the beaches of Utah, Juno, Gold, Sword and Omaha to catch a glimpse of this critical time in history. Don't forget to try the famous Camembert cheese while in the area.Hiking Tours in the Provence Region.

Explore while you hike on one of many tours in the Provence region. This region includes Var, Bouches-du-Rhone, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and parts of the departments of Vaucluse and Alpes-Maritimes. Provence offers a variety of hiking experiences with the region's breathtaking landscapes of mountains and villages of red-rooftop houses and narrow streets.Whether you enjoy exploring culture and history, sampling various cheeses or wines, viewing Medieval buildings or just gazing at France's outdoor beauty, you'll find all of these and more when you take a hike in France!.

You will want a cell phone for use while your in France and with the local GSM service you'll be amazed at how much better the service is in France than back home. Virtually everywhere in France, yes even mountains, is covered by superb GSM cell phone service. With a local service provider all your incoming calls are 100% free and calling the states is just $.84 / minute. Or, to be 100% sure, you can rent a satellite phone and as long as you can point it to the southern hemisphere you'll get service across Europe.

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.Cell phone use overseas.

In 99% of the world the local cellular service standard is called GSM. We use this in the states as well. When combined with a SIM CARD (which usually goes under the battery of the phone) the phone is able to communicate and the SIM CARD also holds the telephone number and memory for pre-paid credit.

Rates can be extremely low using this system. For example in 99% of all SIM CARDS incoming calls are free and calls to the states can cost a trifle. Such as, from the UK to the USA 7 cents/minute, from Israel 22 cents, from Australia 27 cents. Yes, USA Dollar cents! There are today even prepaid service providers in the USA offering rates of 10 cents per minute to call anywhere in the US to any type of phone.

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By: John Dulaney

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