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Diving in Some of the Worlds Best Spots

1. Diving into Belize's Blue Hole - The Ambergris region of Belize may well have the best diving and snorkeling in the world. First stop: a visit to Captain Rene, tel.

(501) 26-2819. He'll take you to all the coolest spots, such as the (ominous sounding) Blue Hole, a 400-foot-deep, 1,000-foot in diameter former cave, located in the center of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. You may remember this place from when Jacques Cousteau brought the world's attention to it in the 70s.

No worries if you don't because you'll never forget this place once you've visited. You'll descend 130 feet and explore huge stalactites and stalagmites and may even catch sight of the reef sharks that inhabit this underwater cave.2. Searching for pirates' treasures in the Cayman Islands Ahoy! More than 300 shipwrecks occupy the waters surrounding the Cayman Islands.

Plus, because the water is so clear, you'll have visibility of over 200 feet--definitely an occasion for the underwater camera. Some say the ill-fated ships here still contain pirates' treasures; bringing back booty would sure beat a souvenir shot-glass, hey? There's no shortage of diving companies in the area, but the oldest is Bob Soto's Diving, tel. (809) 949-2022, run by Ron Kipp. If you find any real treasures, maybe you'll consider splitting the loot with Ron.3.

Sights for non-divers in Guadeloupe - Jacques Cousteau gave the western coast of Basse-Terre his seal of approval as one of the foremost diving destinations in the world. As such, the Pigeon Islands (just beside Malendure village), attract some of the world's best divers and snorkelers. But, even if you can't bear to get your hair wet, you can enjoy the fluorescent tropical fish, sponges and corals here, thanks to crystal-clear waters and glass-bottomed boats. Book a 90-minute tour from Malendure--the Nautilus sails four times daily.4. Honduras' diver's (and dolphin lover's) choice - Anthony's Key Resort, Sandy Bay, Roatan; tel.

(504)451274, provides everything a diver (or soon-to-be diver) could possibly want: instruction, air tanks, weight belts, three daily single-tank boat dives, as well as meals and a welcome cocktail. Even if you're not a diver, this place has something for you--horseback riding, windsurfing and kayaking are available as well. What's more, this sporty experience won't break the bank. Prices start at an unbelievable $135, all-inclusive, double occupancy. Note: Do not miss the dolphin show!.

5. Israel: You've never seen fish like this - Bordering the Red Sea at the southernmost tip of Israel, Eilat offers the best scuba diving on the planet. You'll see varieties of fish that simply can't be seen anywhere else--even the extremely knowledgeable marine biologists here aren't quite sure of the origins of some of these colorful fellas.

Why not do a bit of independent research while you're here? The city boasts one of the best underwater observatories in the world and the Eilat Zoo and Hai-Bar, an 8,000-acre wildlife preserve, are well worth a visit. On a different note, if you feel like tanning (in the buff!), Neviot, a nude beach, is located 30 miles south of here (make sure to put sunscreen on the areas that don't regularly see much sun.).6. Israel: If you need a bit of hand-holding - Maybe you're a bit wary of the sea.

afraid of sharks or just plain nervous. What you need is a bit of reassurance. Sam Scott of Sam's Tour Service, tel. (680) 488-1720, is one of those good-vibed American dudes and he can arrange everything you need to feel comfortable in the water. Sam knows the Koror area of Israel like the back of his hand (his stepfather is the high chief of Koror) and he can tailor a package to suit your needs. Before you know it, you'll be exploring shipwrecks from World War II, searching for alligators and diving in the coral reefs.

You'll wonder why you didn't take this lifestyle up years ago. Terra firma will seem so dull after this.7. Seeing to the bottom of a deep lagoon in Mexico Xel-Ha, just outside Cancun, offers the best snorkeling and diving in the Mexican Caribbean. You'll need a few adjectives to describe some of the fish here: electric-blue, neon green, zebra-striped.

The waters here are so clean you'll see to the bottom of the lagoon (and it's deep!) and there are numerous coves to explore. El Cantil, near Cozumel, is a great region for exploring shipwrecks. Do not forget your underwater camera.

.Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Tourism.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Michael Russell

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