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Come Summer and the Fun Begins

Summers always begin on the longest day of the year. Summers are the perfect days in which everyone can enjoy all the outdoor activities like swimming, taking trips to rocks, reading books while resting in hammock or any activity for that matter, which you had put to rest in winters.Summer is the best time of the year in which your mood changes for the good.

This is evident from the fact that people suffering from mood disorders throughout the winters start to feel nice. According to the scientists, mood disorders are linked with the hours of day as well as light. Researchers feel that the increase of Vitamin D in people, which arises mainly from the sun, affects the mood to a very great extent.General beliefs of the people are that mood changes in summers mainly due to the fun and leisure activities, since most of the people go for vacations. In many countries many industries and towns are shut down in August because of severe heat. August is the month that showers severe heat.

This makes people confined to their homes close to their air conditioners.It is important to stay back at homes because of the fact that summers are the season when one is prone to dehydration and heat strokes. They are very serious problems about which people should take care. It is advisable to consume a lot of water while indulging in the outdoor activities to keep the body and its temperature cool. Water is the best solution to avoid these problems.It is sensible to carry sunscreen whenever going outside in summers to avoid the sun burns.

Overexposure to sun can lead to sunburns and various types of skin cancers. Recently, experts quoted that sun is good for health and good source for Vitamin D, but in limited form.If this conflicting information confuses you then practice moderation.

It is not a serious problem to get little sun and suntan but a heavy tan can land you in trouble. To avoid suntans sunscreen is the best medicine that would make you feel better. Children should be paid more attention to as they have very sensitive and delicate skin. Sunburns should be avoided on their skin by feeding them with loads of fluids and water. Because of their small size, it takes much less time for them to get dehydrated, especially in summers. It is wise to restrict their outdoors activities to the early morning and evening hours, as that is the time they have a lesser chance of getting sunburns as compared to other hours of the day.

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By: Vivek Sharma

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