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Cape Cod Hotels

Cape Cod (named in 1602, by Bartholomew Gosnold of England because of its abundant wealth in cod fish) is the historic first landing place of the Pilgrims. That makes it a place of great historic significance, but it doesn't end there. Geologists believe that Cape Cod was formed by shifting glaciers that pushed it into its unique sixty-four-by-sixteen-mile hook-shaped dimensions.The tourists that throng to Cape Cod as many as three times each summer probably couldn't care less about these finer points of the area's background. What appeals to them are the rustic small town culture and the beaches, and every visitor eventually chooses a favorite place to enjoy these in a vacation at Cape Cod. The 27,000 acres that constitute the Cape Cod National Seashore are nothing less than a national resource for the amount of tourist revenue generated every year.

A majority of Cape Cod tourists come here for their health and for the uniquely romantic setting. The adventurous also find the place the ideal vacation spot. Considering such a vast range of tastes, Cape Cod is amazingly equipped to provide accommodations to every kind of tourist.One of the most popular variants of tourist residency at Cape Cod is the bed-and-breakfast-style hostelry. Apart from that, fully furnished cottages and national chain hotels are also available.

The hotel industry in Cape Cod also includes full-fledged resorts (some even equipped with a golf course). For those of a more economical bend of mind, rustic inns and motels offer ideal countryside weekend getaways.Cape Cod also features spas that offer a complete range of health-oriented therapies, resorts that cater to whale-spotting and fishing enthusiasts, and hotels that offer sports like kayaking.

.Cape Cod provides detailed information on Cape Cod, Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Hotels, Cape Cod Vacations and more. Cape Cod is affiliated with Newport Rhode Island.

By: Eric Morris

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