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Barbados and the Cricket World Cup Be Bowled Over

When you hear the word cricket, do you think of a small, chirping insect or a rousing team sport, older than baseball and basketball, that has been enjoyed in the English speaking world for centuries? If it's the latter, chances are you are from England, or Australia, or perhaps even the Caribbean.It's true. The Caribbean may be known more for her enchanting sunsets, tropical cuisine and sandy beaches, but few people realize the islands hold fast to the traditions and recreation brought over from early English settlers. Barbados, in particular, holds a fanatical enthusiasm for the game of cricket, a game vaguely similar to American baseball, yet possibly more strenuous and requiring more agility of its players. The Bajan love for cricket is so strong, it's no wonder the island will be part of the coming championships.Preparations for the Cricket World Cup 2007 are in full swing on the eight Caribbean island venues of Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, which opens on March 13th 2007.

Barbados will be the focal point of cricket on April 28th, 2007 when it plays host to the Cricket World Cup final. Barbados will also host a total of six "Super 8" games in the knockout stages of the tournament.Thousands of people are making plans to witness the biggest sporting event in the region's history. Although accommodation will be at a premium for the number of cricket fans expected to descend on the island from February to May, they will be booked up quickly. So if you're interested in a Caribbean holiday in the near future, why not see the best of both worlds in Barbados? Enjoy the beautiful, serene beaches and cheer your favorite team to victory in the world series of cricket. Booking the holiday through BarbadosBarbados, too, has its benefits.

A personalized itinerary accommodating sport and leisure is always available.Consider a Caribbean holiday in 2007, and prepare to be bowled over!.

.Billy O'Dell, with his wife Carolyn, is the owner of BarbadosBarbados.com, an online concierge to Barbados, and of Food Affairs, a popular Bajan catering service.

By: Billy O'Dell

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